The years involved in the war on terrorism have taken a toll on both sides, but the terrorists have been kept on the run for many years and they have now combined forces with South American drug lords. As relentless Air Force pilots in JETFIGHTER 2015 by Global Star for the PC, players will need to make sure that they stop the terrorist activities before they gather up enough forces to strike America. Since JETFIGHTER 2015 takes place in the future, the technology of the planes that players are flying has greatly increased to where players can switch between two different modes of flight: hover and jet. By using these different flying modes to their fullest potential, players will be able to better maneuver and work around their enemies. There are fifteen different missions that players will have to complete, and they will have to do it alone. While on one hand this may sound difficult (and it is), it can also mean that there are more opportunities for players to shoot up everything in their path without any other AI operated pilots cluttering up the screen. However, players also need to be on the lookout for attacks from various modes such as submarines, helicopters, and even trucks, as they can seemingly appear out of nowhere to take players down. JETFIGHTER 2015’s fun game play and ease of controls will easily engage players, and its options like multiplayer availability will keep them involved for a long time.

Hardware Requirements
P 3, 128mb Ram, 64mb VGA, directx 8 or greater,

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Topic: JETFIGHTER 2015

Date 28/03/2009

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