grey's anatomy

grey's anatomy

Meet Meredith Grey. She's a woman trying to lead a real life while doing a job that makes having a real life impossible.

Meredith is on the job at Seattle Grace as a first year intern with at least 20 others. Each year the interns are split into groups are assigned to residents which often results in them getting to have a support system or just a possible chance to get to know the competition.

Meredith has been assigned to senior resident Miranda Bailey, infamously known as "The Nazi" for her work ethic and her attitude. Bailey gets things done and she doesn't take any bull.

In Meredith's group are 4 other first-year interns: Cristina Yang, Isobel "Izzie" Stevens, George O'Malley and Alex Karev. Yesterday they were students but today they are doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital. They are participating in the toughest surgical residency program west of Harvard. But their new jobs aren't the only things they have to keep them busy. There are always their personal lives. That is, If they get a chance to have them...

Episode 1. A Change is Gonna Come
First aired: 9/27/2007
Entering their first year as residents, Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev now have interns of their own to mentor. The interns are welcomed by new chief resident Callie. Among the new interns are George, forced to repeat his internship after failing his exams, and Lexie Grey, Meredith's half-sister. Many new interns will be introduced in this season premiere. And they'll have their hands full when a three-car accident sends multiple casualties pouring into Seattle Grace. Some of the doctors need to deal with their new stressed out interns. A young boy brings his bleeding deer to the hospital in the hope a doctor will save her. Cristina searches for Burke. Richard resumes his post as chief of surgery. Derek and Meredith reach an impasse. Bailey wrestles with things at the hospital not turning out like she thought they would.

Episode 2. Love/Addiction First aired: 10/4/2007
A patient is in the hospital because they fell asleep in a hazardous situation. A patient's home laboratory blew up in an apartment building and the victims flood the hospital. Alex investigates the cause of the incident by talking to an elderly resident of the apartment building. Jane Burke shows up to deal with what her son left behind. Lexie tries to talk to Meredith. Callie is overwhelmed by her new position while Bailey is searching for things to do.

Episode 3. Let The Truth Sting First aired: 10/11/2007
A woman named Marcy brings in her son, Hunter, because she finds his change in behavior suspicious. A patient named Connie may lose her ability to talk unless Mark and Richard can perform a radical new surgery. George impresses the other interns at work but at home he is trying to deal with his guilt about having sex with Izzie. Meredith and Lexie work on a patient. The doctors meet a unique intern.

Episode 4. The Heart of the Matter First aired: 10/18/2007
A face familiar to one of the year-twos shows up and dredges up issues that were never really dealt with. A teen football player needs counseling because of his father and surgery for an injury he sustained while playing the game. The girl who was the reason for the prom at Seattle Grace returns and she brings her aunt Adele with her. Camille finds out that her cancer is back.

Episode 5. Haunt You Every Day First aired: 10/25/2007
It's Halloween at Seattle Grace! There may be jokes, pranks, and/or scare tactics. Some of the women form a club based on an experience they all share. A man volunteers for what most of the doctors believe is an unnecessary surgery. One of the patients is in the hospital because they tried to carve a pumpkin in an unconventional manner. Alex receives a visit from Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca. Meredith is having mommy issues. Callie has an announcement to make.

Episode 6. Kung Fu Fighting First aired: 11/1/2007
Cristina and Izzie are fighting for surgeries and a favor from someone. A patient comes to the ER with a dream and a condition which may prevent him from realizing it. The Chief turns to the other men in the hospital when his marriage is in more trouble. Two patients are competing to win something big. One of them convinces an intern to take their place.

Episode 7. Physical Attraction... Chemical Reaction First aired: 11/8/2007
Two arguing parents, who are named Jane and Don, bring their son in because he swallowed marbles, while a middle aged woman comes in wanting cosmetic surgery on her chin. A father worries about raising a child alone when the mother needs surgery.

Episode 8. Forever Young First aired: 11/15/2007
There has been a bus crash and the patients are in the ER. Meredith and Derek's relationship gets more complicated when he dates a fellow doctor. Meredith's dad visits her at the hospital.

Episode 9. Crash Into Me
- Part One First aired: 11/22/2007
An ambulance crash endangers the lives of the paramedics involved, as Meredith and the Chief work on-site to save them, Bailey treats a patient who refuses her help, and Ava returns for Alex and meets his other girlfriend in the process.

Episode 10. Crash Into Me - Part Two
Air Date: 12/06/2007
Lexie has her hands full trying to deal with Nick's burst artery all alone. If either of them moves, he'll bleed out. He's just able to reach the phone and she calls the nurses' station to declare a code blue. Nurses swarm in and he's given several transfusions. Finally, the bleeding stops. Mark is going to operate on Nick to fix the artery but there's no OR available. They wheel Nick to a sterile exam room but he doesn't make it. At the end of the day, Cristina reassures Lexie that she was brave to stay with Nick and that she did a good job. Lexie is despondent that they were unable to save him because they weren't prepared.